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Appeal for Solidarity for Nepal Earthquake Victims

unnamedDear All, Greetings from Nepal ! I hope you are already heard about the Nepal terrible earthquake. I also received the emails, call, sms and messages from Facebook and tweeter. Thanks for your solidarity and pray for our life. I could not tell the situation in words. A major earthquake has struck Nepal, causing massive damage. More than Four  Thousands and Five hundreds of people are confirmed dead, and 10 thousands more have been injured. The epicenter of the quake, which measured 7.8 on the Richter scale, was in a densely populated area Gorkha barpak village. The huge impact of the earthquake is in Kathmandu Valley and surrounding of it. Our small team of Green Foundation Nepal , FECOFUN and Association of Family Forestry Owners Nepal (AFFON) went to the Shankhu, northern part of the Kathmandu City.  There was massive damage of the earthquake. Thousands of houses are completely damaged, hundreds of peoples are still missing, thousands are homeless and taking shelter in open spaces below the skye, school and public building. Nearly hundred dead body found in this area only. Search and rescue is going on. No body knows how many days will take the search and rescue. There is rain fall going on. No electricity and no basic needs such as tent, drinking water, food, health care etc. The situation is so terrible. The earthquake peoples demanded at least tent ( Tripal), blanket and food with us during our visit. I this is the immediate necessity of these peoples. We have provided some dry food and fruit in one camp but this is not sufficient. In this area only, they need nearly one thousand tents (TRIPAL). If we receive about USD 25000, we can distribute more than 1000 tents and blanket immediately. This is really heart beating situations. I have attached some photos here with.

Your small help is very grateful help to these peoples. Green Foundation Nepal, FECOFUN and AFFON are committed to distribute your support to the affected areas if we received support from you. You can send us  the support in cash and kinds. If you can send the support, please make contact with humanitarian organization and welfare foundations also  Please share this message among your friends and ask to support Nepal in this situation. Please let us know if you need any further information. My cell phone is +977 9851002110 and you can contact me any time. I am looking forward to receive your support and cooperation. Thanks and regards Ghan Ghan Shyam Pandey Coordinator, GACF Adviser, FECOFUN Chairperson, Green Foundation Nepal

30 avr., 2015
Posted in Actualités, Defending Rights