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Letter to the Russian Ministry of Justice in Support of Ecodefense.

20 août, 2014

Letter by Friends of the Earth, France  Mr. Alexander Konovalov, On July 21st, the Russian government included one the oldest environmental non-governmental organization Ecodefense on the Ministry of Justice “foreign agent” roster. As national and international organizations from XXXXX countries, we strongly condemn this decision that criminalizes environmental defenders and supporters of social and environmental justice. We strongly condemn this decision of the Russian authorities that was taken while proceedings to determine their status have either not yet concluded or …

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Comments on FSC at Risk: Greenpeace Progress Report

6 mai, 2014

This post is a reflection from one of GFC members on Greenpeace’s Progress Report on the Forest Stewardship Council which can be found here: During the 20 years since the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)…

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