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Biofuels: Is the CBD asleep at the wheel?

15 oct., 2012

Rachel Smolker, Energy Justice Network COP11’s draft decision on impacts of biofuels on biodiversity, as discussed on Thursday, is remarkably meek in its recommendations on the issue of biodiversity impacts from biofuels. A wealth of evidence demonstrates serious harm to both biodiversity and to human rights and food security. Global opinion on biofuels has soured considerably in light of all this evidence. Yet CBD Parties appear to be largely asleep at the wheel. The draft decision starts by acknowledging that …

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GFC’s Biofuels Statement at COP11

12 oct., 2012

Thank you chair, I am speaking on behalf of Biofuelwatch, EcoNexus, Timberwatch and other NGO members of the Global Forest Coalition. There is now significant scientific evidence of direct and…

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