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About Perversities and Other People’s Money

7 mai, 2012

Written from SBSTTA-16 in Montreal, Canada on Wednesday, 2nd May, 2012 (originally published in ECO-the newsletter of the CBD Alliance) The discussion on incentive measures came and went with the speed of light yesterday, which is probably symptomatic of the lack of appreciation for the significance of this shortest article of the CBD. Only 7 countries had taken the effort to send information on progress made on removal or mitigation of perverse incentives, promotion of positive incentive measures and assessment …

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COP17 for Dummies

2 déc., 2011

Durban, South Africa – Around 16,000 people have gathered this year at the Convention Center in Durban to discuss around the climate change problematic, or at least, that is what most…

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The Luna talks?

10 déc., 2010

About REDD, LULUCF and Luna-talks By Simone Lovera, Sobrevivencia-Paraguay and Global Forest Coalition   Of course, when we arrived in Cancun and realized that the meeting venues were called Cancun…

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