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Genetically Engineered Trees and Glowing Synthetic Plants? No Thanks

30 may., 2013

Genetically Engineered Trees and Glowing Synthetic Plants? No Thanks This week in Asheville, N.C., the IUFRO “Tree Biotechnology” conference will meet. And the attendees will be met: by protests. Public opinion is unequivocally opposed to genetically engineered trees. When the South Carolina-based tree engineering company, ArborGen recently applied for deregulation of their freeze tolerant eucalyptus, APHIS responded by filing a “notice of intent” to conduct an environmental impact statement, and opened up for public comments on ArborGen’s petition. The comments the received were overwhelmingly …

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14 may., 2013

Foreword: Seed diversity and agrobiodiversity worldwide face the growing threat of market liberalisation, including the FTA between India and the EU that will only suit agribusinesses. To safeguard seed diversity and farmers’…

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REDD+ Offsets Don’t Add Up

4 abr., 2013

cross-posted from – New Food & Water Europe Report Shows Why Use of International Forest Offsets Won’t Reduce Carbon Emissions Brussels — Developments in the United States may lead to…

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