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Statement on the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee’s recommendation to include sustainability in the Guidelines

24 abr., 2015

We the undersigned As nationally and internationally based movements and organisations concerned with securing a healthy, sustainable and resilient global food system, we urge you to support the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee’s recommendation to include sustainability in the Guidelines. We agree with the Committee that there should be clear advice for reduced consumption of animal products and more plant-based foods in the 2015 Guidelines. Scientific evidence is robust on the need for US (and other affluent country) diets to be lower in meat and higher in plant-based foods. …

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Bioenergy and Forests

15 abr., 2015

This editorial is part of Forest Cover issue nº47. If you want to read or download the rest of the articles please go to By Rachel Smolker, Biofuelwatch, USA…

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