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REDD+ Finance should be Public, include “Non-carbon” Benefits, says South

3 sept., 2012

(cross-posted from Third World Network Bangkok Climate News Update No. 4) Bangkok, 31 August (Hilary Chiew) – Developing countries continue to stress that forest-related activities under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) must primarily be publicly funded, with many expressing doubts over market-based approaches. A significant number of developing countries also called for non-carbon benefits of forests to be included for financing under the proposed forest-related emission reduction mechanism and a departure from the emphasis placed on the carbon …

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Missing the Woods for the Trees?

27 août, 2012

(a commentary on the recent debates around ecotourism) cross-posted from EQUATIONS August 2012 Ecotourism is increasingly being seen as a driver for the eradication of poverty through economic development of communities,…

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Rio+20 agrees on outcome document

20 juin, 2012

Admittedly I am totally surprised, but despite the tremendous chaos at this conference here the Governments at Rio+20 here seem to have all agreed on the attached outcome document yesterday,…

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