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Biodiversity in suspense

9 nov., 2010

By our executive director, Simone Lovera Halfway the second week, everybody is holding its breath here at the Biodiversity Conference of the Parties: Will the 10th Conference of the Parties end up in a Copenhagen-style collapse?

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Tianjin letter to governments

12 oct., 2010

The fourteenth session of the AWG-KP and the twelfth session of the AWG-LCA are taking place this week in Tianjin, China. During the last Climate Talks in Bonn in August…

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Shell bankrolls REDD

4 oct., 2010

Indigenous Environmental Network and Friends of the Earth Nigeria Denounce Shell REDD Project September 7, 2010 – Oil giant Shell, infamous for the genocide of the Ogoni People and environmental…

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