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New Report Highlights Indigenous Territories and Community Rights as Alternatives to Forest Carbon Markets

11 avr., 2013

Istanbul–The current logjam in the negotiations at the 10th session of the UN Forum on Forests regarding forest carbon offset markets and other funding mechanisms for forest conservation does not imply that deforestation cannot be halted, argues a new report [1] by the Global Forest Coalition [2], Econexus [3] and the ICCA Consortium [4]. The report — launched today at the 10th meeting of the UN Forum on Forests in Istanbul [5] — concludes that providing appropriate recognition to territories …

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REDD+ Offsets Don’t Add Up

4 avr., 2013

cross-posted from – New Food & Water Europe Report Shows Why Use of International Forest Offsets Won’t Reduce Carbon Emissions Brussels — Developments in the United States may lead to…

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11 mars, 2013

In the dense semi-evergreen forests of Chilapata in North Bengal Dooars, the Adibasi residents of the forest villages of the area once again face police action because they have challenged the forest…

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IPBES: An Unbearable Burden

20 févr., 2013

By S.Faizi (cross-posted from Surplus income of some countries and under-employed experts when combined together can create global havocs. The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES)…

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El Capitalismo Verde y el BID

12 févr., 2013

 por Diego Rodríguez Panqueva (CENSAT-Agua Viva, GFC Latin American Focal Point) Recurrentes imágenes empresariales en alusión a lo ambiental y la preocupación por el futuro de la humanidad son el reflejo de…

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