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Resources Available

International rights agreements and guides
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
International Covenant on Economic Social and Cultural Rights
ILO Convention 169
UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Short Guide to Indigenous Peoples’ Rights, Indian Treaty Council
Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women
Aarhus convention
Guide to Aarhus Convention, European Environment Bureau

International environmental agreements and guides
Framework Climate Change Convention
Bonn Guidelines on Access and Benefit Sharing
Rio Declaration on Environment and Development principles
World Summit on Sustainable Development
Multilateral Environmental Agreements and the WTO, Friends of the Earth Europe

Corporate guidelines
OECD Guidelines for Multilateral Enterprises

Conservation NGO guidelines
Climate Community and Biodiversity Project Design Standards
IUCN WWF guidelines
WWF Gold Standard version 2

Trade and international financial institutions publications
World Bank Toolkit for Activists 2, Bank Information Center,
World Bank Climate Profiteer

Women and market mechanisms publications and statements
Gender and climate change network – Bali position
International Women’s Biodiversity Network statement 2007
Women, Forests and Plantations, World Rainforest Movement

Carbon Trading
Carbon Neutral Myth, Carbon Trade Watch
Climate Justice Now! principles
Durban Declaration
Dibujos de Amigos de la Tierra Argentina:
El bosque encandado – CAPITULO1
El bosque encandado – CAPITULO2
El bosque encandado – CAPITULO3
El bosque encandado – CAPITULO4
El bosque EnCandado – CAPITULO5

Biodiversity Offsets
Corobici Declaration
Privatization nature for sale part 2 , Friends of the Earth International & GFC
Silver Bullet, International Institute for Environment and Development

Trading biodiversity power point, GFC
You cannot save it if you cannot sell it , GFC

Bonn Guidelines on Access and Benefit Sharing 2
CBD Guidelines on Biodiversity and Tourism Development
The limited potential of ecotourism to contribute to wildlife conservation, by Jack Coburn Isaacs, Wildlife Society Bulletin 2000

Certifying the Uncertifiable, World Rainforest Movement
Trading in Credibility, the Rainforest Foundation

Potential Policy Approaches and Positive Incentives to Reduce Emissions, GFC
Towards Sustainable Economies, Friends of the Earth International

This CD-Rom includes many documents from other organizations and from intergovernmental organizations. Whilst these are freely available on the web we have downloaded some of them to this CD-Rom so that they can be accessed by community activists who may not have access to the internet. We would like to extend our thanks to all the organizations concerned.

This list is not exhaustive. Inclusion on the CD-ROM does not imply that GFC is in agreement with a document’s contents.
The documents included in this edition are in English. However, links to websites with the same documents in other languages (where they exist).are also given within the text of the CD-ROM.