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Margarita Declaration on Climate Change. Social PreCOP Preparatory Meeting: Changing the system, not the climate

We, women and men representing social movements and organizations, gathered in Margarita Island from July 15th thru 18th 2014, committed to the Good Living, in harmony with the ecosystems of the Earth as a way to counteract the current environmental crisis and the climate change, one of its most ferocious faces; concerned by the social dimension of this crisis that has been ignored for long, but filled with hope and faith in the creating powers of the peoples as the necessary driving force to achieve substantial changes in the system; salute and welcome the social processes that are being lived and constructed in various countries, communities and model societies.

Whereas, there is a social dimension of the climate change and an unalienable right of the peoples to be the protagonists in the construction of their own destinies;

Whereas, each country lives in a particular historic context within a complex world made up by diversity of experiences and visions from which transformational initiatives rise;

Whereas, the climate crisis results from unsustainable development systems that are incompatible with the happiness of the peoples;

Whereas, the environment is a political issue and it is the duty of the governments and the multilateral system to hear the voices of the peoples;

Whereas, the peoples endure the consequences of the climate change, and are the ones who live and understand its social dimensions, and whereas they are the actors that have the moral strength and the creative capacity necessary to change course towards systems that are fair and sustainable enabling a lasting happiness in harmony with the cycles of nature;

Whereas, the developing countries are faced with various kinds of problems and endure more and major consequences of climate change than the developed countries;

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28 jul., 2014
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