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A heroic fighter for the rights of Indigenous peoples and local communities: Dr. Taghi Farvar

17 Jul, 2018
Posted in Blog, Indigenous Peoples

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The Global Forest Coalition mourns the loss of a heroic fighter for the rights of Indigenous peoples and local communities, Dr. Taghi Farvar. Taghi was the chairperson of our member group CENESTA-Iran and the chairperson of the International Consortium on Indigenous Peoples’ and Community Conserved Territories and Areas (ICCAs). As a member of the Iranian Azerbaijan tribe, and co-founder of the Union of Indigenous Nomadic Tribes in Iran (UNINOMAD), Taghi has dedicated his life to advocating respect for the biocultural approaches of pastoralist peoples and other Indigenous Peoples and local communities and their rights to govern and conserve their own territories and areas. He was a great source of inspiration to all of us: A man who combined a strong moral framework, passion, courage, and wisdom with a great sense of humour.

We will miss him sincerely as a dear friend and colleague, but his spirit and vision will be with us forever and the seeds he has sown throughout his life will continue to grow.

Photo credit: Hana Mo (via Facebook)