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GFC anuncia colaboración con la Green Livelihoods Alliance

photo by Olliver Girard CIFOR

La Coalición Mundial por los Bosques se complace en anunciar que somos un socio estratégico de Women Engage for a Common Future (WECF) en el programa “Bosques para un futuro justo” de la Green Livelihoods Alliance. WECF participa como socio técnico en género y colaborará estrechamente con GFC.

“Bosques para un futuro justo” es una colaboración de varios años entre el gobierno de los Países Bajos y varias organizaciones destacadas que trabajan en la conservación de los bosques: Gaia Amazonas, la Unión Internacional para la Conservación de la Naturaleza-Países Bajos, Milieudefensie, Non-Timber Forest Products-Exchange Program, Sustainable Development Institute, Tropenbos International y Fern.

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The aim of the Green Livelihoods Alliance, which is now in its second five-year phase, is “to ensure that tropical forests and forest landscapes are sustainably and inclusively governed to mitigate and adapt to climate change, human rights and safeguard local livelihoods.”

The program operates in 12 countries around the world and internationally with social movements, civil society organizations and Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities to achieve two main goals: increase their participation in forest governance and land rights policy and strengthen advocacy to hold governments and industries accountable for deforestation and human rights violations.

Around the world, Indigenous and rural communities play central roles in forest governance. However, deforestation and forest degradation increasingly affect the livelihoods and rights of community members, creating and exacerbating inequalities and structural barriers. Hence inclusion and gender perspectives and feminist analysis are essential to the work of forest conservation, promoting the participation and decision-making power of all groups, particularly underrepresented groups. GFC, as a strategic partner of WECF, is providing expertise to support the integration of gender equality into the program in meaningful ways that ensure the success of the Green Livelihoods Alliance’s mission.

GFC is pleased to collaborate with WECF in this alliance to be able to contribute to inclusion, gender equality and feminist approaches in the GLA program and to support transformative change in forest governance.

More information on the partnership program can be found on the websites of WECF and Green Livelihoods Alliance.

See the videos below for examples of the work being done within specific countries.








21 abr., 2021
Posted in Noticias, Justicia de género y bosques