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Testimony from Chaus Uslaini

19 ago., 2017

My name is Uslaini, my nickname is Chaus and I’m the Director of WALHI Sumatera Barat in Indonesia. My passion in life is helping rural communities to have a better life, and this is WALHI’s passion too, so I really love my job. I come from a farming family, I’m the sixth of seven children, and we all had to help in our home and in the fields to earn enough to cover our school fees. I want to help …

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La tecnología del exterminio

8 ene., 2017

Biología sintética, “Genes Drives” o “impulsores genéticos” Las diversas formas de vida que conocemos sobre el planeta tierra vienen evolucionando desde hace 4.000 millones de años. El homo sapiens surgió…

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