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Bosques y Cambio Climático

43rd issue of Forest Cover, the newsletter of the Global Forest Coalition

1 jul, 2013

In this new issue of the Global Forest Coalition’s newsletter in intergovernmental forest-related policy processes: the editorial addresses the main happenings during the last United Nations Forum on Forests were market based approaches gained new ground; followed by an article that gives an overview of what the last climate negotiations in Bonn were about providing a critical view on what seems to be coming next; the next article deals with the ‘Cilmate Space’, an important space given to civil society, indigenous peoples and other …

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14 may, 2013

Foreword: Seed diversity and agrobiodiversity worldwide face the growing threat of market liberalisation, including the FTA between India and the EU that will only suit agribusinesses. To safeguard seed diversity and farmers’…

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