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Le Programme Women2030 – une célébration de l’impact !

Les 4 et 5 mars 2021, les partenaires du programme Women2030 se sont réunis virtuellement pour célébrer la fin de leur Programme Women2030, financé au cours des cinq dernières années, par la Direction générale des partenariats internationaux de la Commission européenne (DG Partenariats internationaux). Le programme Women2030 faisait partie des efforts déployés pour adopter un Agenda 2030 et des politiques climatiques transformateurs en matière de genre. La réunion était un webinaire d’apprentissage organisé dans le but de partager les expériences vécues des personnes mettant en œuvre et bénéficiant du projet. L’image ci-dessus est un enregistrement graphique du webinaire qui illustre la diversité et les luttes des partenaires de Women2030.

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On the first day, program partners from local and regional organizations shared incredible stories of change from their local communities. Many stories touched on different areas of the project’s impact, such as the capacities built, policies improved, and mindsets changed. Some of the emerging themes included: Women rising as advocates and defenders for environmental stability; the recognition of women as actors in decision-making with local and national governments; and women’s solidarity and feminist movement building.

On the second day, national partners and implementing partners at the grassroots level discussed the lessons learned and the key takeaway points from the entire program. During our reflection sessions, the participants created paintings on the impacts of the program in their different contexts. Participants also reflected on what feminism and movement-building on women’s rights meant to them and to the societies that the live in. Partners shared stories of their struggles on gender, human rights, and women’s rights, and the dynamics of how they play out within their various communities.

The major take-home points for the participants included: An understanding of the different perspectives on gender and feminism, and how they can take ownership of these terms to bring about transformation in their various localities; and identifying women’s rights issues in natural resource management and exploitation.

Looking ahead, we need to maintain open conversations on these subjects. It is clear that the transformative benefits of feminist movement-building are far-reaching and must be strengthened as we continue to fight for women’s empowerment and gender equality.

To keep up-to-date with GFC’s work on women’s rights and empowerment, see our Gender Justice and Forests campaign page. 

8 avr., 2021
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