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Supporting Community Conservation

Community Conservation Resilience Initiative in Chile

17 Sep, 2015

Comunidades Conservación Chile 11

Désolé, cet article est seulement disponible en Anglais Américain et Espagnol Européen. Download the summary report here INTRODUCTION The neoliberal economic model imposed in Chile has promoted export-oriented extractive industries, including mining, agroindustry and forestry. Studies show that the Chilean model of forest development is the main factor driving the loss of native forests[1] and associated biodiversity. This is having direct and devastating impacts on peasant communities and indigenous peoples, who depend on forests for food, traditional medicines and religious …

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Community Conservation Resilience Initiative: Methodology

15 May, 2014

Désolé, cet article est seulement disponible en Anglais Américain. The Community Conservation Resilience Initiative was established by an informal alliance of national and international Indigenous Peoples’ organisations, nongovernmental organisations and social movements…

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