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Press Release: People’s Biodiversity Festival: ‘Unity for Diversity’

13 oct., 2012

Oct 13 to 16, 11 am to 7.30 pm, Exhibition Grounds, Nampalli The People’s Biodiversity Festival, ‘Unity for Diversity’, is a collaborative endeavor of a large number of groups, including farmers’ groups, NGOs and people’s movements from all over India. It is a festive and defiant celebration of our rich biodiversity of crops, flora, fauna; and our vibrant bio-cultural heritage. Open to all, the Festival is radically different from the CBD-COP, and has already aroused expectant excitement. The Convention on …

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Biodiversity in suspense

9 nov., 2010

By our executive director, Simone Lovera Halfway the second week, everybody is holding its breath here at the Biodiversity Conference of the Parties: Will the 10th Conference of the Parties…

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