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Supporting Community Conservation

About Forests, Budgets and the CBD Underdog Mentality

12 oct., 2012

COP11 might become the conference that declared the CBD more or less irrelevant for the estimated 80% of terrestrial biodiversity that is represented by forest ecosystems. Forests already received a minimal treatment at CBD COP10, but at least Parties decided on some important recommendations to the Secretariat to assist countries with the implementation of the CBD expanded program of work on forest biodiversity and, in hidden terms, to elaborate a decent definition of forests that excludes monoculture tree plantations. This …

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Biodiversity in suspense

9 nov., 2010

By our executive director, Simone Lovera Halfway the second week, everybody is holding its breath here at the Biodiversity Conference of the Parties: Will the 10th Conference of the Parties…

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