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La déclaration des Nations Unies sur les droits des paysans est une victoire immense pour l’humanité!

La Coalition mondiale des forêts célèbre l’adoption de la Déclaration des Nations Unies pour les droits des paysans et des autres personnes travaillant dans les zones rurales. Le 17 décembre 2018, l’Assemblée générale des Nations Unies à New York a approuvé la Déclaration des Nations Unies avec 121 voix des États membres en faveur, 54 abstentions et 8 voix contre.

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We congratulate the almost two decades of work put in by our comrades in social movements and organisations like Via Campesina, Indonesian Peasant Union (SPI), FIAN, CETIM and so many others that worked to turn this dream into reality.

Peasants and people working in rural areas have increasingly been subject to violence, evictions, harassment, and multiple threats. They are being criminalised for exercising what are their human rights, like seed saving. Rural women are particularly affected. This UN Declaration is an unprecedented recognition in international law of their rights, re-emphasising the obligations of member states.

This human rights victory will allow all rural food growers, peasant farmers, farm workers, pastoralists, and hunter gatherers to legally challenge harmful policies, including free trade agreements and other aspects of the broader neoliberal economic model. This can become a powerful tool in the struggle for food sovereignty and to create a just and sustainable food system.

More details on La Via Campesina website here.

18 déc., 2018
Posted in Defending Rights