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Trade and other Underlying Causes of Forest Loss

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International trade in commodities like soy, beef, wood and palm oil is a major driver of forest loss, land grabbing and climate change, as documented by the Global Forest Coalition, numerous other organisations and confirmed by several scientific reports. The free trade agreements that fuel the trade in these big drivers of deforestation are a major threat to forests, ecosystems, climate change and communities. We work to halt and reverse these trade agreements, and remove agriculture and forests from the control of the World Trade Organization (WTO). We do this through active advocacy strategies and by mobilising opposition amongst our member groups, and our social movement allies. We focus on the ways in which trade and investment rules drive the expansion of international soy, beef, wood and palm oil markets, and we promote just and feasible alternatives that build towards an Economy for Life, for the health of the planet and its peoples.

New briefing reveals shocking scale of planned forest biomass industry growth

New briefing reveals shocking scale of planned forest biomass industry growth

“Are forests the new coal?” is a new briefing from the Environmental Paper Network’s Biomass Working Group. The threat map report shows that the biomass industry is set to increase by 250% in the next decade – threatening both the fight against climate change and forests globally. Download the Biomass Threat Map Media Release and Quotes Read More About the Findings on Medium Key Findings: 1. Global supply of and demand for forest biomass is predicted to increase more than …

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