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Forests, trees and climate change

Market mechanisms and money: an overview of what’s at stake at COP25 in Madrid

6 Dec, 2019

The re-located COP25 in Madrid comes at a critical juncture of the climate negotiations on two main issues: Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, which deals with market-based approaches to emissions reductions, and the establishment of the Loss and Damage Mechanism, which essentially seeks to give financial support to countries in the Global South experiencing the worst impacts of climate change. The likely outcome for forests and forest-dependent peoples, and women whose lives and livelihoods are so closely tied to …

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The Chaco under attack

16 Oct, 2018

A photoessay about indigenous communities in the Chaco region of Paraguay, and their existence in a landscape under threat by agribusiness and international trade policies. By Fernando Franceschelli and Ines…

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