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Intervention by the Women’s Major Group on Land Degradation, Desertification and Drought at the UN OWG SDG meeting 23 May 2013

23 May, 2013

We want gender to be mainstreamed in all sustainable development policies related to land management, but we do not want to be mainstreamed into a polluted stream. We call for deep and structural changes to existing global systems of power, decision-making and resource sharing. As we emphasized yesterday, we caution against developing another set of reductive goals, targets and indicators that ignore the transformational changes required to address the failure of the current development model, which is rooted in unsustainable …

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IPBES: An Unbearable Burden

20 Feb, 2013

By S.Faizi (cross-posted from Surplus income of some countries and under-employed experts when combined together can create global havocs.…

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