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Outside COP21: real change and alternatives by and for the people

12 Dec, 2015

outside cop21

by Jeanette Sequeira Whilst news headlines are focused on the negotiations and government delegations at the COP21 in Paris, there are other important dialogues taking place with more potential to effect real change. Behind the scenes and away from the spotlight a vibrant gathering of civil society from around the globe is mobilising. Hundreds of diverse people, non-government organisations, civil society and community organisations, international networks and social movements are coming together in Paris to defend climate justice and advocate for real …

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COP21: We have a Deal…

11 Dec, 2015

cop 21 we have a deal

By Souparna Lahiri   The negotiations are almost over. Governments, civil society, media, NGOs, INGOs, BINGOs have all come out with their demands, expectations and postures. A few caucus of…

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