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CCRI meeting where peace was always fought for

23 Sep, 2016

colombia peace forest

By Miguel Lovera* Last week, the Colombia National Workshop on CCRI took place in two municipalities: Purísima and Lorica in the Department of Cordoba. It was attended by some 50 representatives of most regions of the country, by all age groups (babies, children, adolescents, adults and elderly) and by a large percentage of women, who had a quite predominant role in the discussions, given their commitment to community integrity. For many of us who may be reading this text, peace, …

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Surviving Ten Days in Bonn

10 Jun, 2016

By Souparna Lahiri* The last time I survived more than a week in a climate meeting was during the inter-sessional in Bangkok in the September of 2009. But, that was,…

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COP 21: Victorious Corporations

14 Dec, 2015

cop 21

By Miguel Lovera* Negotiations to solve climate change started 23 years ago. Ever since then, a trend towards commercializing the problems and the solutions started to be identifiable. More and…

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COP21: We have a Deal…

11 Dec, 2015

cop 21 we have a deal

By Souparna Lahiri   The negotiations are almost over. Governments, civil society, media, NGOs, INGOs, BINGOs have all come out with their demands, expectations and postures. A few caucus of…

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