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Workshop on Agriculture and Soils with African Peasant Communities: the Biochar ‘fiasco’ in Cameroon

Posted 3rd December 2011 in Blog, Green Land Grabbing

Today – in the “People’s Space” at the University of Kwazulu, in conjunction with the UNFCCC COP17, a workshop on agriculture and soils took place. Peasant farmers, most of them from Mozambique and members of the international peasants movement, La Via Campesina, shared their testimonies. They spoke about their lands being taken from them, by foreign investors, often with the blessings of their government leaders. One woman described how this had happened to her – she was never consulted, rather, …

Update from the climate talks: Spot the differences between IPCC and IPCC on renewables

Posted 10th June 2011 in Blog, Climate

A quick first impression from the ongoing climate talks in Bonn as far as bioenergy is concerned: It is too early to say a lot about REDD as they have not started discussing it yet. The Ad Hoc Working Group on LCA will have its first REDD-discussions tomorrow (probably these will be open to observers), and the SBSTA only adopted its agenda this morning, which is typifying for the atmosphere of mistrust and confrontation here in Bonn. In general, talks …

The Luna talks?

Posted 10th December 2010 in Blog, REDD, UNFCCC COPs

About REDD, LULUCF and Luna-talks

By Simone Lovera, Sobrevivencia-Paraguay and Global Forest Coalition
Of course, when we arrived in Cancun and realized that the meeting venues were called Cancun Messe and Moon Palace, we already knew that these talks would be not only be a complete chaos, but that they would also be disconnected from the real world.

The gap between real life and the hot air, massive loopholes, false promises and other fallacies that marks these “luna-talks” was crystal clear …