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The Phantom of the COP21 Opera: bioenergy with carbon capture and storage

Posted 8th December 2015 in Biomass and Bioenergy, Blog, Climate change, Paris 2015, UNFCCC COPs

by Oliver Munnion* Yesterday I went to a briefing at the COP21 summit on how realistic achieving a 1.5 degree target as part of the Paris climate deal is, as opposed to the 2 degree target that was first proposed. At the end of the briefing, I spoke to the climate scientist who had been outlining the case that 1.5 degrees is achievable, and handed him a copy of our new report, which questions all of the underlying assumptions of …

Comunicado sobre las Declaraciones del Ministro Gattini – Paraguay

Posted 11th March 2014 in Blog, Defending Rights

A propósito de las declaraciones del Ministro Gattini… Desde la campaña Ñamosêke Monsanto, que aglutina a las organizaciones abajo firmantes, 1.Saludamos la franqueza del ministro Gattini. Probablemente es el primer ministro que no intenta confundir a la opinión pública con un discurso ambiguo. Con determinación defiende un modelo de agricultura que intenta exterminar a la agricultura familiar campesina; claramente actúa como defensor de los sojeros y como portavoz de las grandes corporaciones internacionales. 2.Entendemos que es por causa del chip …

Aceh Plans to Clear 1.2 million Hectares of Protected Forest Trigger Alarm over Increase in Landslides, Floods and other Natural Disasters

Posted 13th March 2013 in Blog, Forests

[JAKARTA] An alarming admission from the chairman of the Aceh Government’s Spatial Planning Committee is fuelling serious concern over the potential illegal loss of 1.2 million hectares of Aceh’s protected forests, as was explained in detail at a press conference today in Jakarta. Tgk. Anwar, today, in the Aceh Post, stated that the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry has accepted ‘almost 100%’ of the Aceh Government’s new spatial plan proposal. Earlier, he told the Sydney Morning Herald that Aceh was preparing …

Ironically Gender in the Fossil Patriarchy

Posted 13th December 2012 in Blog, Gender

Press statement by GenderCC–Women for Climate Justice – Doha, December 8th, 2012 The UNFCCC talks again failed to deliver an adequate response on the climate challenge. However, often unnoticed by the public, small steps are being taken to improve the international climate regime. Among others, a decision on gender balance has been adopted in Doha to improve the participation of women. However welcome this decision, GenderCC must express its deep disappointment at the watering down of the wording, from the initial insistence on gender …


Posted 5th December 2012 in Blog, Gender, UNFCCC COPs

4 December 2012 For Immediate Release Doha, Qatar:  Women and Gender NGOs at COP 18 representing hundreds of women’s organizations and women environmental leaders around the world are calling on all NGOs and delegates present in Doha to 1) sign on to a group letter/online petition to governmental representatives and The letter (complete text below) decries the lack of sincere and effective actions on the part of the countries from the Global North and says that the COP has …

Sign-on: World Bank Out of Climate Finance

Posted 6th December 2010 in Blog, Climate, Climate Finance

AN OPEN LETTER TO GOVERNMENTS Meeting at the 16th COP of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Cancun People and communities throughout the global South need hundreds of billions of dollars each year to deal with the impacts of climate change, build resiliency and adopt alternative development pathways. The cost of compensation for past, present, and future damages due to climate change will only grow if, in addition, the necessary measures, are not taken in the …

Respect the rights of ‘Pachamama’ in UN Climate negotiations

Posted 21st April 2010 in Climate change

Indigenous Peoples from across North America and their allies from around the world gathered at the invitation of Bolivian President Evo Morales in Cochabamba this morning for the kick-off of an historic conference on climate change and the “rights of Mother Earth.” Morales called this conference in the wake of failed climate talks in Copenhagen last year.