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Community Conservation Resilience Initiative (CCRI) Preliminary Report

Posted 27th August 2015 in biodiversity, community conservation resilience initiative

The aim of the Community Conservation Resilience Initiative (CCRI) is to contribute to the implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity’s 2011-2020 Strategic Plan and Aichi Targets, by providing policy advice on effective and appropriate forms of support for community conservation.

The project is documenting and reviewing the findings of bottom up, participatory assessments of up to 60 communities in at least 20 different countries, assessing the resilience of community conservation initiatives and the support that should be provided to strengthen …

UN Postpones Action to Halt Deforestation by 10 Years under Pressure from Industry

Posted 10th July 2015 in Forests, Media releases

[New York] The Global Forest Coalition [1] reacted furiously to the final draft of the Sustainable Development Goals released this week. Despite the fact that most Sustainable Development Goals were agreed upon in July 2014, the latest draft, which will be adopted by the United Nations in September 2015 as the heart of the Post-2015 Development Agenda [2] has suddenly been tweaked to postpone a crucial target to halt deforestation by an entire decade, from 2020 to 2030. The Sustainable …

Biodiversity in suspense

Posted 9th November 2010 in biodiversity, Forest Management

By our executive director, Simone Lovera

Halfway the second week, everybody is holding its breath here at the Biodiversity Conference of the Parties: Will the 10th Conference of the Parties end up in a Copenhagen-style collapse?

Organizations protest market-based conservation at CBD COP10

Posted 9th November 2010 in biodiversity, market based conservation

On Tuesday 19 October, the second day of the Biodiversity Conference in Nagoya, Japan, organizations, including the Global Forest Coalition, protested against market-based conservation. A short report from our Executive Director, Simone Lovera:

EU bio-energy targets cause biodiversity loss

Posted 19th October 2010 in bio energy, Climate change

Nagoya, Japan, 18 October 2010 -Environmental and social justice groups warn that incentives for wood-based bio-energy will trigger dramatic biodiversity loss, as forests and grasslands are converted to monocultures.  The groups urge governments to immediately end subsidies and other support for bio energy production.