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What’s at Steak? Impacts of the industrial livestock and feedstock sector on forests, biodiversity, farmers and communities

7 Dec, 2016

Impacts of the industrial livestock

By Mary Louise Malig, Global Forest Coalition

This piece was originally published by the CBD Alliance for the newsletter, ECO, particularly, ECO Volume 54, Issue 4 Wednesday, 6 Dec. 2016

A new report “What’s at Steak? The real cost of meat” – launched at COP13 – aims to expose the many ways in which industrial livestock farming is impacting our health, lives, forests, biodiversity and the environment, and to argue that – precisely because it does cause so many problems – transforming …

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GFC Magazine: Forest Cover No. 49

4 Mar, 2016

forest cover global forest coalition

Welcome to the forty-nineth edition of Forest Cover, the newsletter of the Global Forest Coalition (GFC) In this edition we look at meat as a driver of deforestation, including the way…

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