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Indigenous Peoples

Appeal for Solidarity for Nepal Earthquake Victims

Posted 30th April 2015 in Blog, Indigenous Peoples

Dear All, Greetings from Nepal ! I hope you are already heard about the Nepal terrible earthquake. I also received the emails, call, sms and messages from Facebook and tweeter. Thanks for your solidarity and pray for our life. I could not tell the situation in words. A major earthquake has struck Nepal, causing massive damage. More than Four  Thousands and Five hundreds of people are confirmed dead, and 10 thousands more have been injured. The epicenter of the …

47th Issue of Forest Cover, newsletter of Global Forest Coalition

Posted 29th March 2015 in bio energy, Climate change, Forests, Indigenous Peoples

Welcome to a brand new edition of Forest Cover, the Global Forest Coalition newsletter that provides a space for Southern and Northern environmental justice activists to present their views on international forest-related policies. We were happy to co-produce this special edition, which focuses on the impacts of wood-based bioenergy on forests and forest peoples, with our active member group Biofuelwatch. Download the print version to read on about bioenergy, forests, a summary of the international strategy meeting, a photo essay …

New Report: Meat from a Landscape Under Threat

Posted 16th January 2015 in Indigenous Peoples, livestock, soja

Global Forest Coalition and Brighter Green have just released a new Report, “Meat from a Landscape Under Threat: Testimonies of the Impacts of Unsustainable Livestock and Soybean Production in Paraguay.”

Written by Dr. Miguel Lovera, this updated report on the social and environmental impacts of unsustainable livestock production focus on those testimonies presented at the workshop. The seminar, organized on November 28 and 29 of 2014 by the Global Forest …

Briefing Paper: What can Indigenous Peoples, local communities and women expect from Global Climate and Forests Funds in terms of their rights?

Posted 7th November 2014 in Forests, Indigenous Peoples, REDD

We are happy to announce the launch of a new briefing paper by the Global Forest Coalition entitled: What can Indigenous Peoples, local communities and women expect from Global Climate and Forests Funds in terms of their rights? An introduction and comparison of Safeguards and Participation Mechanisms 

As a result of the regime on ‘Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation and enhancing forest carbon stocks’ (REDD+) adopted by the UN …

46th issue of Forest Cover, the newsletter of the Global Forest Coalition

Posted 8th October 2014 in biodiversity, Climate change, COP19, Forests, Indigenous Peoples, REDD

In this new issue of Forest Cover 46 you will find an interesting editorial on the views of civil society in the Pacific about the 3rd United Nations Small Islands Developing States (SIDS) Conference, followed by a report from former GFC’s chairperson Miguel Lovera who attended the Food and Agriculture Organization’s (FAO) Committee on Forestry (COFO) in Rome last June. Likewise, Anatoly Lebedev from Russia brings some insights …

People’s Goals Solidarity Message to the People of Ogoni on the 3rd Anniversary of UNEP Report

Posted 11th August 2014 in Blog, Defending Rights, Indigenous Peoples

(cross-posted from

The Campaign for People’s Goals for Sustainable Development (People’s Goals) expresses its solidarity with the people of Ogoniland, Nigeria as they mark the third year anniversary of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) report compelling Royal Dutch Shell to indemnify the victims of its environmental and human rights abuses. The continued impunity against the Ogoni people as shown by the lack of any serious response from Shell and the Nigerian authorities underscores the need to carry on our fight …

Margarita Declaration on Climate Change. Social PreCOP Preparatory Meeting: Changing the system, not the climate

Posted 28th July 2014 in Blog, Buen Vivir, Climate, Climate Justice, Indigenous Peoples, Systemic Alternatives

We, women and men representing social movements and organizations, gathered in Margarita Island from July 15th thru 18th 2014, committed to the Good Living, in harmony with the ecosystems of the Earth as a way to counteract the current environmental crisis and the climate change, one of its most ferocious faces; concerned by the social dimension of this crisis that has been ignored for long, but filled with hope and faith in the creating powers of the peoples as the necessary driving force to achieve substantial changes in …

GFC’s Annual Report 2013

Posted 18th July 2014 in bio energy, biodiversity, COP19, Forests, Indigenous Peoples, market based approaches, REDD


We are happy to bring to you our Annual Report for  the year 2013.Find out about our work and the development of our campaigns spanning from India to Colombia and beyond!

Redirecting Government Support for Unsustainable Livestock Production key to Biodiversity Conservation, Claim New Report and Briefing Paper

Posted 22nd May 2014 in Forests, Indigenous Peoples, soja

Asunción, Paraguay – A new report and briefing paper launched by Brighter Green and the Global Forest Coalition on the International Day of Biodiversity highlight the negative impact of unsustainable livestock production in South America, the continent with the highest deforestation rates on earth, and the need to redirect the more …

45th issue of Forest Cover, the newsletter of the Global Forest Coalition

Posted 21st May 2014 in biodiversity, COP19, Indigenous Peoples, REDD

We are happy to announce the 45th issue of Forest Cover, the Global Forest Coalition newsletter on international policy processes related to forests and forest people’s rights. The editorial by our Board member Mary Lou Malig describes some of the main implications of the outcomes of the last Ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization, followed by an overview of the latest climate negotiations and how current agreements like REDD+ fail to address key drivers …