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21 September: GFC commemorates the international day of struggle against monoculture plantations

21 Sep, 2017

Burned eucalyptus trees. Margus Kurvitis

To mark this international day of struggle against monoculture tree plantations, we are publishing a striking photo essay about the role of eucalyptus plantations in Portugal’s awful forest fires, as well as an opinion article in the Ecologist Magazine. In it we emphasize the importance of conserving and restoring natural forests. Photo-essay Click here to see the complete photos and stories on our photo library Opinion article Click here to see the op-ed by Oliver Munnion La lucha sigue/the struggle continues! …

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GFC Annual Report 2016

9 Jun, 2017

2016 was an exciting and productive year for the Global Forest Coalition. We grew our membership to 86 NGOs and Indigenous Peoples Organisations from 58 countries, enabling us to reaffirm…

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