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Intervention on CDM

6 Dec, 2010

Intervention on CDM in the CMP, by Fiu Elisara

Delivered at the CMP plenary at the UNFCCC COP16 in Cancun, Mexico
December 1, 2010
Fellow humans,
Much of this planet is drying or floodingevidence of about ocean outgassing, reduced primary production and the crossing of new ecological tipping points are clear. No one even knows whether we’ve already passed the point of no return for this planet. What we do know is that in my Pacific region, many countries …

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CJN! Intervention at SBI

Climate Justice Now Intervention at the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI), at item 8, on technology transfer Delivered by Silvia Ribeiro, ETC Group — Thank you Chair.  I will speak…

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Biofuelwatch in Cancun

3 Dec, 2010

Massively increasing demand for “biomass” is resulting in land grabs and expansion of destructive industrial monocultures at the expense of forests, biodiversity and food production.  Deepak Rughani and Rachel Smolker…

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Forest and Indigenous Groups Reject Cancún Forest Deal

26 Nov, 2010

Joint Press Release from Global Forest Coalition and Indigenous Environmental Network  26 November, 2010                                    Forest and Indigenous Groups Reject Cancún Forest Deal REDD Will Violate Rights, Accelerate Emissions, Groups Warn…

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