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“Walk the Talk,” Women from Various Global Regions Urged Parties at the 11th COP CBD

17 Oct, 2012

Women’ Caucus /  Convention on Biological Diversity

11th COP, Hyderabad, India

On October 15, World Rural Women’s Day, in a press conference at the sidelights of the 11th  Conference of Parties (COP) of the Convention on Biological Diversity in Hyderabad, India, four women from various global regions spoke about  their experiences and  best practices  in addressing  issues and concerns on biological diversity .

Evelin Acosta Gutierrez,  a social worker for the Indigenous Wayuu, Ipuana in Colombia, opened the press conference with a ritual thanking …

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Missing the Woods for the Trees?

27 Aug, 2012

(a commentary on the recent debates around ecotourism) cross-posted from EQUATIONS August 2012 Ecotourism is increasingly being seen as a driver for the eradication of poverty through economic development of communities,…

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