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IMVELO-YETHU MEYN workshop and excursion

25 Mar, 2016

On the 12th and 13th of March, 2016, the Mpumalanga Environmental Youth Network (MEYN) met for a one day workshop on the Saturday, followed by an excursion on the Sunday.

Fifty-two people gathered for this workshop, which had as a aim to develop ‘guiding principles’ regarding the serious environmental issues identified at the previous workshop, which was held on the 27th of February. The workshop also aimed to develop the identity and structure of the network.

Dr. Peter Markus, who is the …

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COP 21: Victorious Corporations

14 Dec, 2015

cop 21

By Miguel Lovera* Negotiations to solve climate change started 23 years ago. Ever since then, a trend towards commercializing the problems and the solutions started to be identifiable. More and…

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COP21: We have a Deal…

11 Dec, 2015

cop 21 we have a deal

By Souparna Lahiri   The negotiations are almost over. Governments, civil society, media, NGOs, INGOs, BINGOs have all come out with their demands, expectations and postures. A few caucus of…

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