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Delving into Community Conservation and ICCAs at SBSTTA-20

10 May, 2016

community conservation

Jeanette Sequeira*

Last week Global Forest Coalition (GFC), together with partners, organised an inspiring side event at the SBSTTA-20 meeting in Montreal entitled ‘Indigenous Peoples’ and Local Communities’ Recommendations for Appropriate Recognition and Support of ICCAs and other Community Conservation Initiatives’*. The discussions delved into key issues relating to community conservation, work under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), Indigenous Peoples’ and Community Conserved Territories and Areas (ICCAs) in global databases, and the unique and invaluable role of Indigenous Peoples and …

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COP 21: Victorious Corporations

14 Dec, 2015

cop 21

By Miguel Lovera* Negotiations to solve climate change started 23 years ago. Ever since then, a trend towards commercializing the problems and the solutions started to be identifiable. More and…

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COP21: We have a Deal…

11 Dec, 2015

cop 21 we have a deal

By Souparna Lahiri   The negotiations are almost over. Governments, civil society, media, NGOs, INGOs, BINGOs have all come out with their demands, expectations and postures. A few caucus of…

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