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A congress in which the trees vanquish the forest

Posted 17th September 2015 in bio energy, Blog

By Miguel Lovera*

Earlier this year, I was invited to give a keynote speech at the World Forestry Congress (WFC), an event organised by the FAO every six years. The theme for this session, which took place in Durban from 7th to 11th of September this year was ‘Forests and People: Investing in a Sustainable Future’. Later in the year, as the dates for the WFC approached, what was first an invitation to address the session with a keynote speech became …

GFC Posters for the World Forestry Congress 2015

Posted 25th August 2015 in bio energy, community conservation resilience initiative, livestock

Here are Global Forest Coalition’s posters that we have submitted for exhibit at the XIV World Forestry Congress that will take place from 7 – 11 September in Durban, South Africa. The poster highlights the scope of the Community Conservation Resilience Initiative (CCRI), livestock and bioenergy issues.


CCRI poster:

You can download the poster here

Livestock poster:

You can download the poster here

Bionergy poster:

You can download the poster

47th Issue of Forest Cover, newsletter of Global Forest Coalition

Posted 29th March 2015 in bio energy, Climate change, Forests, Indigenous Peoples

Welcome to a brand new edition of Forest Cover, the Global Forest Coalition newsletter that provides a space for Southern and Northern environmental justice activists to present their views on international forest-related policies. We were happy to co-produce this special edition, which focuses on the impacts of wood-based bioenergy on forests and forest peoples, with our active member group Biofuelwatch. Download the print version to read on about bioenergy, forests, a summary of the international strategy meeting, a photo essay …

NEW REPORT – A Global Overview of Wood-based Bioenergy: Production, Consumption, Trends and Impacts

Posted 10th December 2014 in agrofuels, bio energy, biodiversity, Forests

Lima, Perú – In the context of the different international negotiations, including the current UNFCCC’s COP20, bioenergy and an entire bioeconomy are promoted as solutions to climate and economic crisis. Underlying this is the premise that endless economic growth can and must be sustained, and that we can resolve these crises by simply substituting fossil for biological energy sources. This misguided approach distracts attention from real solutions, which must address the grossly unsustainable over­ consumption …

GFC’s Annual Report 2013

Posted 18th July 2014 in bio energy, biodiversity, COP19, Forests, Indigenous Peoples, market based approaches, REDD


We are happy to bring to you our Annual Report for  the year 2013.Find out about our work and the development of our campaigns spanning from India to Colombia and beyond!

New Report: REDD+ Does Not Address Underlying Causes of Forest Loss

Posted 13th November 2013 in bio energy, biodiversity, Climate change, COP19

Warsaw, Poland –A new report released by the Global Forest Coalition [1] today at the 19th UN Climate Conference concludes that projects and policies related to REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation and enhancing forest carbon stocks) fail to address the underlying causes of forest loss and might contribute to further deforestation instead.

Wood Bioenergy: Green Land Grabs for Renewable Energy

Posted 17th October 2013 in bio energy, Forests

Montreal, Canada– Today, at a meeting of the Convention on Biodiversity[1], Global Forest Coalition[2] and Biofuelwatch[3] will launch a new report highlighting the impacts of expanding use of wood for generating industrial scale electricity and heat[4], especially in Europe and North America. The report points to EU demand where both dedicated biomass facilities and conversion of coal plants to biomass are resulting in a new international trade in wood pellets. Estimates are that the …

New Report spells out Potential Negative Impacts of Bioeconomy and Markets in Environmental Services on Women

Posted 12th June 2013 in bio energy, Forests, market based approaches

Bonn/Bogota, 12 June 2013

A new report [1] by the Global Forest Coalition [2] was launched at a side event on equity in climate mitigation policies organized by GenderCC at the climate talks in Bonn, Germany [3]. The report highlights the serious negative impacts that the proposed new ‘bioeconomy’ and existing markets in ‘environmental services’ could have on women around the world.

World Bank Must End Support for Honduran Palm Oil Company Implicated in Dozens of Murders

Posted 19th March 2013 in agrofuels, bio energy, Forests

Press release: Friends of the Earth International, Global Forest Coalition, Urgewald, Rights Action, Rettet den Regenwald/Rainforest Rescue, Global Justice Ecology Project, Biofuelwatch

19th March 2013 – International NGOs have condemned a statement by the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC) [1] which defends the record of a Honduran palm oil company, Grupo Dinant, which is implicated in dozens of murders as well as other human rights abuses.  The IFC statement explicitly admits to supporting training for the company’s armed security guards.  …

UK Alleges it will Address Drivers of Climate Change – but Aims to Subsidise a Massive Expansion of Wood-based Biomass Industry

Posted 6th December 2012 in bio energy, COP18, Forests

Massive wood chip pile. Photo: GJEP, US.

Doha, Qatar – As negotiations failed to finalise an agreement on a controversial forest policy called REDD+ [1] during the ongoing UN Framework Convention on Climate Change talks in Doha, Qatar [2], forest groups published a letter challenging claims that the drivers of forest change are being addressed by countries within the REDD+ negotiations. 

Negotiations on REDD+ turned sour in Doha as developing countries realised they can expect very little funding for this highly …