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Forests, Trees and Climate Change

Wilmar’s No Deforestation policy tested by latest abuses by PT Asiatic Persada

(cross-posted) Jakarta, December 17, 2013 – The indigenous Suku Anak Dalam (SAD) community of Bungo, in Jambi, Indonesia has struggled for 27 years to regain control of their territory from the palm oil company PT. Asiatic Persada (PT AP). They achieved success in October when the Jambi Regional Office of the National Land Agency (BPN) and the governor of Jambi recommended that the BPN Indonesia in Jakarta review the company’s concession permit.[1] But SAD’s dream of having their 3,550 hectares returned was …

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When Hope Avenges Mistrust

Friday May 8th, 2015

By: Miguel Lovera Ever since I read the masterpiece by Jan Ziegler “La Suisse Lave Plus Blanc” (“Swiss Whitewash”) in the early ‘90’s, I started to suspect that there was…

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